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Our Newborn package is definitely our most popular.

COST:  $320

This price is just for baby!
(10 digital images)

Family and sibling  photos can be included in your package for just $50 more (as there is extra time involved).

- Adding a multitude of different family images is a lot of additional time shooting and subsequently, editing.

- You will have approx. 60-100 images to chose from!


3-4 setups included for the newborn component.

Images are delivered digitally via our online gallery portal. You can easily download your images from the comfort of your own home. (PC or laptop is 100% recommended, especially if printing!).

Your images can also be viewed, downloaded and shared from your mobile device!

Please book your newborn session early! It's best to organise your session for when baby is under 2 weeks old! Past this time, your bub may not stay asleep for as long or be as squishy and bendy! (Certain poses and wraps cannot be guaranteed over 2 weeks - but we will get some beautiful shots regardless!)

Just a little information:
A newborn session on its own, can easily take up to 2 hours. Most of this session is settling and posing. Getting it all right “in camera” so the turnaround for your beautiful images, isn't too long!

If you do book a newborn session with us, these are some hot tips for a successful result!

(I use my 'Baby Shusher' application on my phone. If this is something you'd prefer I didn't do, please don't be afraid to voice it to me!).

Zzzzz  Most of the shots will work best if baby is very sleepy. It is recommend trying  (keyword...try, please don't feel pressured in any way!) to keep baby awake for 1-2 hours before your session.

Hungry!  A full baby is a happy baby! Try to feed baby immediately prior to coming to your session so we can get some deep sleepy shots right away. Anticipate a few feeding breaks during your sessions as well, as needed. No rush!

Bath time soothing:
If possible and time allows, try and give bubs a nice bath before your session (and even a massage!). It’s possible this could contribute to sleepy photos. This IS just a suggestion

We roll with whatever your little one is up for. Our style is simplistic and timeless - often 'wrapped' shots, are our speciality. We prefer more natural images as opposed to composite or posed images

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