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These sessions push you to step outside your comfort zone and have a bit of fun by showing off that amazing body (and they are ALL amazing!)

We aim to make you feel completely at ease, have a few laughs and create some amazing portraits that you can show off, or just keep for yourself!

At this stage, these sessions are 'in-home' only. If you're looking at booking a session, it is SUPER important that you have natural light flowing in your home & boudoir (bedroom!). We LOVE the end result that natural lights produces!


It's also important that the backdrop for your session (your home) is simplistic and minimal. . I will request a photo of your bedroom and any shooting locations you'd like to use - to make sure your session will yield the best image results!

So pull out that lingerie you've had in your drawer, take a deep breath and drop me a message! It's fun, I promise!

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